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America is Aging

According to the US Census Bureau, statistics indicate the number of older Americans aged 65 and older will double by the year 2030, to over 70 million
Aging Americans and their loved ones need help, but many lack the ability to pay for it.
Many of the elderly in need of assistance are veterans who valiantly fought to defend America and our freedom.
Statistics on aging veterans and their surviving spouses
Total Living Veterans of Korea, WWII, Vietnam and Gulf War Aged 65 and Older : 7,091,000
Surviving Spouses & Other Dependents of Deceased War Veterans (estimated) 4,369,000
Total Elderly Veterans & Surviving Dependents, Potential Pension Beneficiaries 11,460,000
US Population Over 65: 34,761,000
Potential Elderly, and Survivor Beneficiaries as a % of Total US Population Over 65: 33.0%
% of Potential Beneficiaries Actually Receiving Pension 4.7%
  MILLIONS of veterans and surviving spouses need assistance at home
but don't have the financial resources to pay for it.

What Does this Mean to Home Care Providers?
If you're reading this, you may be one of the thousands of home care companies all over the country looking for ways to acquire new clients and grow their businesses. It's a fiercely competitive industry in which it is difficult for providers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. They are all pursuing the same profile of clients.... elderly individuals who DO have the financial resources to pay for care.

The Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension – A Well Kept Secret
There is a little known, tax free, VA pension benefit (originally established by Congress in 1952) available to veterans with non-service connected disabilities and their surviving spouses. The Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension provides qualified veterans and surviving spouses who have limited financial resources, with the means to pay for assistance received at home or in some cases, nursing homes or assisted-living facilities.
The founders of Veterans ElderCare have many years of experience and success in both connecting veterans and surviving spouses with the Aid and Attendance Pension and in growing and managing home care agencies. We have combined our experience and knowledge in these respective arenas and have created a business model that has the proven ability to dramatically increase client census and revenue for home care providers... all while serving those who so bravely served us.
For more information about how to join us
in “Serving America’s Heroes,”
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